iMagic Marina Reservation

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Why do you need marina reservation software?

Running a business is about getting work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. By getting the work done you can then go onto aspects of your business that you love. Getting your PC to handle the administrative tasks helps you to achieve that goal. Marina reservation based software allows you to perform tasks that would tedious to do by hand, or even impossible in any practical sense. Producing reports, collecting customer details, tracking reservations availability and helping with financial statements can be a real asset.

How can iMagic Marina Reservation Help?

iMagic Marina Reservation has been designed specifcally for the challenges in running a marina or dock. It helps you manage your reservations, customers and docks, while at the same time organizing vast amounts of information at once. Allowing you to manage more efficiency, monitor business performance and lead you towards more active marketing. The result is less time wasted, freeing up resources, your time, reducing costs and helping you in your business.

Why iMagic Marina Reservation?

iMagic Marina Reservation has these benefits:

It's wonderfully easy to use. Quick and simple Configuration Wizards get you up and running in minutes, with an elegant interface making everyday operations efficient. Anyone can take marina reservations!
Don't waste time on managing bookings. Why waste time? Our marina software keeps track and crunches the numbers for you, so you can spend your valuable time on running your business.
Accessable support options. Featuring regular updates based on ideas from our customers that can get you the best ideas from marinas all over the world, as well as hot fixes to resolve any bugs and convinient support should you run into any issues. Designed around you with every step made to help you manage your marina.

Common Uses of iMagic Marina Reservation

iMagic Marina Reservation is used in a variety of ways:

Marina/dock managers wanting a to improve business reservation operations, taking, maintaining and tracking reservations.
Tracking which customers are arriving, departing and where they should be at anytime. No more guess work and an easy way to record customer contact details.
Line manager or receptionists to keep all the relevant information on customers and reservations together in one place. Avoiding the chance of missing reservations due to simply not being sure or not knowing, avoiding double bookings automatically or lost paper work.
Business owners to track the big picture on just how well their business is performing. Making sure the business is heading in the right direction, using easy reporting to view reservation numbers, tracking promotion results and avoiding those nasty surprises.

For more details on iMagic Marina Reservation view our Feature List.